Jun 26, 2013

Modern Family Obsession and Me :)

About a year ago I was introduced to the show Modern Family and my life has never been the same. I have spent way too much time watching all the back seasons of this show and laughing my guts out. I love when you have something that you love so much that you simply have to tell everyone about it because you can not imagine how anyone else's life could be complete without experiencing the joy it brings...that my friends is Modern Family....go watch it NOW :) Well finish my blog and then go watch it :)

I caught up with Modern Family a long time ago but my Madeline just came home from her mission and wants to do everything with me so I have taken advantage of this and have introduced her to Modern Family it is the most responsible thing a mother could do. I never want her to be at a disadvantage when Modern Family comes up in conversation :) It is the least I could do :)

Madeline is not even in town right now but I confess I watched a few episodes of Season 2 without her. Every time I watch it I find myself wondering which character in the show I am most like. I do not know why this show compels me to think about this. I do not wonder which character I am when I watch Dora or Dance moms :) but for some reason Modern Family makes you wonder about who you are. You sit and watch these families with all their endearing dysfunctions. You love them in spite of their issues and you even love them more because of their issues. Tonight I found myself wondering why real life can not be like that. Why can't the people around me just pretend they are watching tv when they are around me. You know pretend I am not really real and thus making it so the weird dysfunctional things I do are endearing never annoying :)

What kind of dysfunctional things do I long for you to love you ask? Good question my friend.

If you were watching the Jennifer show and you saw me on the tv leaving to go somewhere way too early you would smile and laugh and be so glad you know that about me rather than wishing I did not do it. You would love that I always have something I need to work on in the car when I am sitting somewhere waiting for something to start or someone to get there because I am...an hour early :)

If you were watching the Jennifer show and saw me always carry something up the stairs that belongs up there or something  downstairs that belongs down there you would once again smile and laugh that you know that about me and that I ALWAYS have to do that.

What about when I pump gas and have to end on a number divisible by five....hilarious on tv right? Need a therapist in real life...right? I know...real bummer huh?

What about that, "texting out every letter of every word" thing I do? Drive you crazy in real life? Ha ha in a sitcom, right?

My sock basket? Loads of comedy there. Not so much in the real world. But I could easily fill an episode with the hilariousness of the socket basket.

What about my lack of knowledge about punctuation? I wish you could see how funny it is :) I wish it did not make you feel so crazy inside :)

We could make a huge list of jokes about my need to defend myself and my need to deal with unfairness in a most crazy manner :) if my life were on tv and not oh, so real :)

I see the characters on these shows who worry about if people like them and notice that everyone laughs as they stress about it and show their anxiety about it but in real life those very same people would most likely turn and  run....not so funny anymore..

I guess for those of you who watch Modern Family I should tell you that I fear I may be Claire....my most favorite character is definitely Phil....in one episode Phil declares, "When life gives you lemonade make lemons and life will be all like...what?" Yea, good times :)