Aug 3, 2013

A Cover Letter?

It was January 4th, 2013 when I went to my first day of volunteering at the Westfield Athenaeum ...yes, you have to know how to spell Athenaeum before you can volunteer :) JK. I have most seriously loved every single minute of the volunteering I have done. I have wanted to be there way more than I was. But I worried they might think I was stalking them :) So I went just six hours a week. I learned something brand new every single day I went and helped. I did not start volunteering with any intention of working at the library but the longer I volunteered the clearer it became to me that the library was the place for me.

 It took me awhile to get up my courage to casually say something to the head of the children's department about my interest in ANY paying position that may become available. When I finally did it. She mentioned to me that they would love to put me in a substitute spot if the funding ended up getting approved. I was so excited about this possibility. And I most patiently waited to hear whether it would happen or not. Then in July that possibility became a reality and I became an official paid by the hour substitute. I ended up getting to start on the very day she asked me and I adored every minute of checking books in and checking books out. Summer is a most busy time in the children's library because it is summer reading program time. So it is not simply about checking books out and in. It is about approving all their summer reading stuff, giving them raffle tickets, and making sure they can tell you where they found the hidden hedgehog and dinosaur. I went home after my first three hours of volunteering feeling SO gosh darn content. i adore making connections and working at the library for me is making connection after connection as you help people find things or answer questions or simply check out their books.

Right now I permanently substitute every Monday from noon to three in the boys and girls library...happy days!! But that is not all... on Friday I got to substitute in the adult part of the library. I helped people find books. I handed out new library cards. I forgot to desensitize one book and felt the joy of making the buzzer go off as the patron left the library. I helped put all the new holds on the shelf for people to come and pick them up. I asked a whole lot of questions. And I was in heaven. But wait I am not even to the best part of the story.

One of the ladies who works at the library asked me if I had seen the recent job posting for a full time library assistant? Funny thing that she would ask because I actually had seen it but I had immediately thought I was so not qualified for a full time library position. I mean...hello...stay at home mom. Thankfully she kept asking me about it and I finally decided I should apply for the job. Thirty seven hours a week in the glorious library...what self respecting lover of organizing things by the dewey decimal system would I be if I did not apply for this job? I felt so out of my league when I told her I decided to apply and she started throwing crazy phrases around like "cover letter" and "references." I meekly and somewhat jokingly asked her if the library had a book I could check out on what on earth cover letters were? She laughed at me....I mean with me :) Cover letter?...Like a duvet cover? Like a book cover? Like under cover? Like take cover? Yeah, I called my dad and my son who recently graduated from college and they educated me :) I think I understand.

I cringe at the thought of filling out a resume. I mean, there it is, your whole past staring at you up from a page of white paper. I have no idea how to make changing diapers and cleaning up throw up sound like I have experience with computers :) I have no idea how to make the fact that I check out at least twenty five items each time I go to the library sound like I know the library system :) I can not explain a year and a half of BYU and not one piece of paper to show for it. I wish they could just give me the job based on my desire. How do you write that to make it sound professional? The first time I attempted writing a resume a few years ago someone helping me threw the word matriculated in my accomplishments and I needed oxygen. I successfully matriculated kids?? WHAT? I have decided to just face this head on and be who I am....oh dear, can I put smiley faces on the cover letter?? What about on the resume? Just one? Please?

I have no idea what will come of this attempt at procuring a library job. All I know is that I love working at the library. I can not imagine ever being bored of it. I can not imagine it ever being hard. I did not want to come home today when my three hours were up. And when they asked me if I wanted a break I looked at them incredulously? A break? Um no :)

So wish me luck as I figure out how to make my intentions known concerning this job in a so called cover letter. Wish me luck as I figure out if I have three people who can muster up some nice things to say about me. The deadline to turn in my application and cover letter is August 6th. Did that sound official? And did you notice I refrained from putting a smiley face after that even though I was, indeed, smiling ? :)

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