Aug 6, 2013

Books Were Harmed. But Look How Pretty :)

I rarely get to post a craft on my blog because I rarely get my craft on but I am so completely pleased with these paper roses that I have recently learned how to make that I am going to tell you about them. But I need to warn you that numerous books have been harmed in the making of these roses :)

It all started when I was at the library and I saw a notice posted for an upcoming class for making paper flowers. My eyes quickly scanned the announcement and I was so sad when I saw that the class was for 3rd to 5th graders. Maybe if I wore my hair in pigtails I could sneak in? I was at least hoping my eighth grader could learn how to make these. I knew she would love it. I actually do have a fifth grader but I knew this class was so not her thing. And besides, the class was being held in the middle of when she was at another class. The picture of the finished product was beautiful and I really needed to know how to make them.

 Well a few days later as I came in to volunteer at the library one of the librarians handed me the stuff for the paper rose class and asked me to copy the patterns and cut them out. YES!! I was one step closer to learning how to make these beautiful roses. Then the day of the class came and I was stunned to find out from this librarian that only one person had signed up to make the roses and the class was canceled. The only good part about this news was that I inherited all the patterns I had so lovingly cut out and I also got to have my very own paper rose class with her and she taught me all the tricks. This librarian is actually using these paper roses as her centerpieces for her wedding reception and I think it is going to look so cool.

The hard part about these roses is that they are made out of the pages of books. And it takes a minute to deal with the fact that you are, indeed, ripping pages out of books. But in the same breath that I say that it is also kind of cool that you can choose particular words or phrases that you want to be showing on your roses. Words that mean something to you. My kids fell apart when they saw the first roses I made and realized they were out of the pages of a Harry Potter book. I tried to console them with the fact that they were out of a damaged, out of circulation copy from the library but it was still touch and go for awhile.

I decided that these roses would be perfect to teach as a craft at our girls camp in New Hampshire. So I started practicing making them and looking at thrift stores for old books that might interest the girls at girls camp. I found a Princess Diaries book. I found a Barbie Princess and the Pauper book that had mostly colorful pictures but I was curious how it would turn out. I even found a very old copy of Moby Dick. I was looking for different color pages and different feeling paper. I also searched for a Twilight book because I had a feeling some girls would like that. Tatiana was with me at the Salvation Army and she kept snatching the books I chose out of my hands and "saving" them as she called it. Yeah, she may have to have misusing books therapy :)

I made a couple roses and then spray painted an empty wheat germ bottle a muted shade of yellow, glued a ribbon around the outside of the jar and gave it as a gift. It turned out really cute and I was excited. Remember I am not a craft girl so these little things thrill me :)

My craft assistant at camp was amazing and when we got to camp she showed me that she had torn some pages out of a dictionary and dyed them pink. Holy craft queen batman. They were beautiful. She just took a cookie sheet and put some water in it and added some dots of food coloring and carefully laid five sheets of paper in the cookie sheet. She brushed each page to make sure it was covered with the dye and then added the next page they only sat for a minute and then we took them out and hung them over some pipes to dry.

Then we started going crazy and I found some pages in her dictionary with maps on them and I made map paper roses....these are my favorite. So we learned as long as your paper is not too stiff anything will work. Some of the girls at girls camp used my Barbie children's book I had picked up and I was so amazed at how cute those roses turned out. I even tried making them with some very thin scrapbook paper and it was very pretty.

I have not tried toilet paper just so you know I do have some making paper roses boundaries :)

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C Tam said...

The map roses are my favorite too. True, I have some kind of inner battle going on about what to think concerning the beauty and destruction happening simultaneously--crafts out of book pages?! I am bookmarking this one for some future use because my daughter is named she is stuck with having floral themes for the rest of her life. :)