Aug 24, 2013

Buying Something You Always Wanted....Like Dansko's.

A few years ago when I was in the middle of my annual New York City trip with my friend Gail was when the exact moment came that I learned all about Dansko shoes. I had blisters on my feet from all the glorious New York City walking and the blisters got me to start noticing what types of shoes people around me were wearing. Gail was wearing her Dansko clogs and she totally made me aware of Dansko shoes, their comfort, and general awesomeness. I have honestly never thought twice in my entire life about whether I owned "good shoes" or not until I had friends who did care and talked about their good shoes around me. Maybe it is because I have such small feet? Thus making it particularly hard to find "good shoes." maybe it is because my feet have never protested before? Who knows?? But after our "Dansko talk" I started finding myself occasionally wondering if I really was fine? Maybe I just did not know the joy that is nice, well made, last forever, expensive shoes??

 I liked the chunky style of Dansko's and found myself longing for them but when I finally saw them for the first time in a shoe store and saw their price tag I just could not take the plunge and squelched any notions I had about ever owning Dansko shoes. I do not think I have ever spent over $30.00 on a pair of shoes for myself so you can imagine how I balked at $120.00 shoes. I have continued to long for them for the past few years...without ever trying them on...mind you. My oldest daughter even bought a pair to take on her mission to El Salvador thus making me a little teeny bit jealous.  

There is a kid shoe store in our mall called Footbeats and every time I walk by this store I stop and stare at their Dansko shoes. The clogs never interest me much which I presume is what most people know Dansko for. I do, however, find myself adoring their Mary Jane styles and some of the sandals. I always pick them up and look at them, observe the price, and then set them back down and leave. Until about a month ago when I saw these beauties....look to the left :) The ones I happened to see were in black and I loved them, immediately. I showed them to my kids whenever we happened to be in the mall and they deeply disapproved of them. And made all sorts of noise about their ugliness.Thankfully, I do not place too much value on my kids fashion advice....sorry guys :) One time I happened to be in the mall with Gail and showed her the shoes and she said she could totally see me wearing them....that is good, right? :) Gail has impeccable fashion sense. She also knows my reluctance to spend money and was not surprised that we did not leave with them.

But she did encourage me a few times to buy them and that got me a few weeks later when I was once again headed towards the mall I decided that was it...I was trying them on. I could not stand it anymore. Now remember I have never tried Dansko shoes on. So I go into the store and take those sandals off the shelf and ask the employee for a 35 to try on. Dansko's are in European sizes and a 35 is between a 4.5 to a 5 in USA sizes and is the smallest Dansko adult shoes go. Well at least that is what I thought. But it turns out none of the adult shoes I liked in the store were in that size. WHAT? I even tried to will a size 36 to fit me. But no luck on that. Don't you love it when your decision to finally spend a lot of money turns out to not happen?? I was bummed and a little amused that all these years I had longed for these shoes and it turns out it was wasted longing time because they would never be available in my shoe size....sigh, story of my shoe shopping life.

But it triggered some shoe determination in me so I headed straight to the computer when I got home and started learning all about Dansko shoes and sizes. They do make kids shoes just not in the adorable grown up styles. If I ever want purple or red patent leather clogs I totally know where to get them. Not many styles had a size 35 available even on line. Finally, through Amazon I found a pair of size 35 Mary Jane Dansko's that I liked. Of course they were not available in black but I could see  the brown making me happy. I have no idea when I decided that $109.00 was a good price for shoes but it strangely happened and I magically I thought they were a good price :) And...gulp...I ordered them.

I only had to wait three days for them to arrive and I immediately opened the box and put them on. They are a little big...but shhhhhh don't tell anyone. I eagerly searched for approval from everyone in the house but to no avail. Not one Baird will validate or reassure me about my Dansko shoe purchase. But I decided in a crazy moment of confidence that I do not care because I ADORE them. Now I just need to own more things that go with brown, chunky, mary jane, Dansko shoes.

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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

You finally did it and I wasn't there to witness it! Man, good for you! Hope they are good to you:)