Aug 15, 2013

Provincetown Breakwater And Life.

Today (Saturday the 10th was "today" ) started at least five weeks ago....actually I guess technically it was way back in June when my college roommates came to visit that my notions about today started.

I have always wanted to drive to the very end of Cape Cod. I mean to the very end...where in real, honest to goodness life the road ends. When my college roommates were here I was able to accomplish this goal and what was at the end of Cape Cod was even better then I had ever imagined. There was a culdesac like drive and cars were parked around the semi circle. I parked. I was a little confused that there was no signs banning parking and no signs looking for me to leave an exorbitant amount of money to park. I mean this is Massachusetts after all. Just when I think all they want is my money and to make more rules they trick me :) I finally confirmed that, strangely, it was okay to park where I was parking for free. Then the darling roommates and I discovered that right in front of our very eyes there was this amazing rock walkway, which I learned later is officially called the Provincetown Breakwater. It is a mile walk across these rocks across the Provincetown Harbor out to the outermost finger of the cape. The walk is across a mile of these huge, very steady, but not evenly laid boulders. Picture beautiful New England blue water on both sides...swaying New England green grasses in the sky....white sand...and a quaint New England light house in the distance. Once you get across the breakwater to the beach you can walk across the dunes...being sure to avoid the poison ivy... to a very quiet beach....since you have to walk at least an hour to get to it only the most hardy are enjoying the beach which is why we can call it quiet. Words can not tell you enough how thrilled I was with this awesome discovery. I wanted to tell everyone I knew and make them come enjoy it with me. But yeah, you know how that, "making people do things" kind of things go :)

My Madeline seemed very interested in my discovery when I got home from my fun with my roommates so she and I picked a date to take the family back to my secret spot. And that date was today. Through a course of events, that deeply saddened me, discouraged me, and frustrated me our Cape Cod trip did not happen today. Hopefully there was enough describing words in that last sentence that we can connect on how I really felt :) After I expressed....using my I felt to my children about this unfortunate turn of events, today (remember it was Saturday) still morphed into a day trip, just a little different day trip then I had planned in oh so many ways.

The Cape Cod trip needs some advance planning since we have paper routes in our life and the drive to the Cape is at least 3 hours. So it was too late to attempt it. SO, the children and I discussed and decided we would instead go to Salem to see the witch trial stuff.

When I do day trips I really,really like to start early in the morning but I am a little tired of having to always be the driving force behind everything that happens around me. So I just chilled and made sure I was ready by eight thirty and then I watched and waited. It was the most beautiful day ever and it honestly killed me to watch it slipping by... Eleven forty five was when we finally left....need I say more? Joe was not at all impressed with this notion of a family trip. So we were waiting for him. It always stuns me that I have to beg my children to go places. But actually this time I moved past begging and there was just telling of what was what and before you knew it we were all in the old and very tired fifteen passenger van heading towards Boston. We were grumpy but we were on our way. When you leave that late in the day and you are heading towards Boston you have to embrace the fact that you and the stop and go traffic will indeed be one. I am not really sure what time we finally arrived in Salem and that is a good sign that means I was not worried about it. After the witch trial stuff I chose to try to do something impulsive and convinced everyone that we needed to drive 14 more miles and go to one of my most favorite beaches....Crane Beach. This beach is constantly on the top ten beaches lists and it is so pretty. We rarely do adventures. We rarely do something random but today was different. I think when all was said and done most everyone enjoyed themselves but it was not without struggle.....silly life :)

So I still want to go enjoy the Provincetown Breakwater can you come?

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