Sep 17, 2013

Spending The Paycheck.

Well my friends your good friend Jennifer just got her very first, honest to goodness, paycheck. I got it last Friday. I am pretty sure you guys already know how you can tell if a paycheck is honest to goodness but I will educate you just in case....the way you can tell is if it has perforated things on all four sides that you fold over and tear to reveal the check...that my friends is how you know you have truly arrived :)

 As I watched my hours grow and grow at the library I would be lying if I did not tell you that I started doing the math in my head to figure out what amount this paycheck would end up being. This paycheck was for 65 hours. Sixty Five glorious hours of checking books in and out...helping people place holds on books....checking holds in from other libraries and putting them on the shelf to wait for their patron to pick them up....collecting fines....helping people find books....yeah, loads of good times. Anyhow, because I am a rookie at this "making my own money" thing I did a little fantasizing about what I should spend it on. You know, all the things you always put off buying because they are not needs they are just evil wants. It was a little alarming how big my list was of things I wanted to spend this paycheck on.

There is the perfect brown couch in the Pier One Catalog that knows my name....and would take my entire paycheck very handily.

There are the many, many, many bags of sand that I need to own to finish my brick path in the garden.

And speaking of yard purchases I would be lying if I did not tell you that I have seriously thought of how I could now buy a couple bags of grass seed....all summer I have put off purchasing grass seed and my grass really needs it....really.

I have spent the last couple of years borrowing Madeline's music holding device when I go exercise but now she is home and took it back and I have nothing to hold my music and play my music for me when I run or bike ride. I am pretty sure I NEED to buy one for me and some good headphones....not the ear bud headphones....the ones that go over your head and rest on top of your ear....ear buds ALWAYS fall out of my ears.

A passport. I have a grand baby that lives in Estonia and most likely always will. So Grandma needs to procure a passport.

A floor lamp for the basement.

Dahlia and daffodil bulbs.....lots of them :)

A big umbrella...I love the really big, long, expensive umbrellas not the folded up compact ones. I find them in stores and carry them around but never purchase them.

Several cd's that I have longed to own like Christina Perri, Mates of State, Jack and White, and Alphaville.

The third season of Downton Abby, Moonrise Kingdom, Star Trek Into Darkness, A Room With A View in dvd form. I own it in video form but that is so not cool anymore :)

A patio set. Every summer I longingly peruse the lawn and garden section of any store that happens to stock them. I think my life would be complete if I had a table and some comfy chairs on the deck.

So without too much thinking it was a little alarming how quickly I could spend my paycheck. And while we are on the subject of alarming I totally had forgotten to account for taxes in my little, "fantasizing while adding up my hours moment." Geesh, seriously government? :)

In conclusion you will be happy to know I did not spend the is in my bank account and most likely will be used for boring, practical, necessary groceries. Although, I really do think I should have one thing I really want to show for this first paycheck.....I think it is between the passport and the music device....oh, wait maybe the couch?? :)


Marty C. said...

I read a great article in Reader's Digest about how you should list all the things you want and cross them off once you earn, get, or achieve them. I think you should do this and I don't think it will be long before you have all those wonderful things. Please DON'T spend them on everyday purchases - maybe start a special savings account.

C Tam said...

YES! Never underestimate the power of writing the list! I'd say start with the passport. :)

Marty C. said...

What did you spend your paycheck on?