Sep 8, 2013

What Makes Your Heart Swell?

Do you know what I am talking about when I say something made my heart swell? Do you know the feeling of which I speak? You know when you have a sudden powerful surge of a good feeling? I wish I could think of a better way to describe it. You know like the feeling:

When you are driving down the road and there are big white puffy clouds in the sky and the sky is blue?
When your kitten is pouncing on pieces of tissue paper with wild abandonment?
When a seed you thought was not coming up decides to comes up?
When you are driving across the mountains in Utah and Wyoming and it is the middle of the night and there is a full moon and everyone in the car is asleep and you are listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Come Come Ye Saints?
When you see that dark blue color that the sky gets right before the sun comes up?
When an old friend reaches out to you and thanks you for something you did or said that impacted their life but you never ever knew it?
When the kids go out to the garden, cut flowers,bring them inside, and artfully arrange them in vases for display in the house?
When someone "gets" you and you know it with all your heart?
When you are laying in the hammock looking at the leaves?
When you are playing the theme from Out of Africa on the piano?
When someone lets you help them?
When someone knows just what to say?
When someone loves a book you recommended and they really want to talk about it?
When a band is playing in a parade?
When you hear the Star Spangled Banner?
The first snowfall of winter?
When it is almost Fall and the temperature is 70 and the sun is out and your windows are all open and a breeze is blowing through your house?
When you hear the sound of your canning jars sealing?
When you see big worms in your garden and know that means your soil is happy?
Sitting on the beach with your feet buried with warm sand watching your kids play in the water?
When you carefully follow the instructions and it actually works?
The smell of campfire?
Finding a sand dollar on the beach?
When you get together with an old friend and you can talk like you had never been apart?
Listening to Aaron Coplands Appalachian Spring?
When the moon is full?
When someone gives you a gift and you know they paid attention to you because it is perfect?

Yeah....I have been noticing lately when my heart does that swelling thing because I do love it.

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mommykay said...

As you say, having good friends makes my heart swell.

Love you.