Jan 20, 2014

Thirty Day....Shred?

Think about thirty days. Have you ever done anything for thirty days? Yeah, I know you have brushed your teeth for thirty days. But have you ever been determined to do something that you do not normally do for thirty days? Just to see if you can? And just to see if the promise attached to the thirty days comes true?

 I am a little embarrassed when I realize I have never done anything for thirty days. Yes, I have brushed my teeth for thirty days....and yes, I have gotten out of bed for thirty days...and yes, I have breathed air for thirty days.....hopefully those things go without saying. But I have never done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. There I said it. I think I have owned the thirty day shred dvd for at least three years which is way more than thirty days. I remember when my most darling hair cutting lady Adreana first told me all about the Thirty Day Shred and how I listened to her testimony about it with rapt attention. I was so sure this dvd would change my life it sounded so do-able. I went and purchased it immediately. I love the excitement I feel when I start a new exercise dvd. The endless possibilities. The way my imagination runs away with me as you start the dvd and all of a sudden I can see the end and I see myself definitely looking like Gwyneth Paltrow when the thirty days are up. But then for some reason I only do the thirty day shred for 6 days and then stop.

There was another time that I started the Thirty Day Shred with a friend and yet again I never got close to thirty days. I found myself secretly thinking the thought, "this thirty day shred does not work" but I don't really know that because I have never done it for the recommended thirty days.

Well guess what? I have started the thirty day shred...again. But this time I am determined to do the thirty days. I have to know if this really works. I am on day 7 and I am not going to quit. Jillian says in the dvd that if I want results in just thirty days I have to do exactly what she says and I have to know if for a mom of seven who needs to lose ten lbs before March 27th if she is right.

Just out of curiosity I checked out the reviews for her dvd on Amazon. I was surprised to see 4,414 reviews. I read through about twenty of them and they were very motivating and inspiring :) Real people, that were all able to do something for thirty days. So wish me luck as I attempt to join them. And when I am done maybe I will attempt to do something else for thirty days like.....her Ripped in Thirty dvd :)

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Nichole R. said...

Um send that over here! It's all about accountability! Post on here everyday and tell all if your friends whether you did it or not! Goooood luck!