Jan 17, 2014

Writing a Book Anyone?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about writing. Throughout the last few years there has been a small amount of people who see something that I do not see and because of what they see they have urged me to write something more substantial than a blog post or a facebook status. They are talking about a magazine article or even...gasp..a book. I am not even sure how to wrap my mind around this idea. Do not get me wrong I dearly love writing but I have always just done it because I will burst if I don't. I did not even know I liked writing until about six years ago.

There are a few obstacles that come up in my mind when I think about me making money writing. One is punctuation. (yeah, you thought I didn't know didn't you? ) We all know I am miserable at punctuation and I have always figured that because of my need to end every sentence with a smiley face I would never make it as a writer. I also have a beautiful talent for long run on sentences which I imagine J.K or Stephenie have never had to struggle with. I also have always have had some notion in my mind that to write well you need to write about something you know about. That does not really explain Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, vampires, and Bilbo does it? Unless? :) So when people tell me I should write a book I wonder to myself about what? It would have to be about something I know and what do I know? Well, thanks for asking......I know about;

a cat that knocks anything that may roll off of the counter including eggs
how to have children who will marry people whose first language is not english
owning a big white van
how sad it feels to have six cd's stuck in the car cd player
how to find courage ( hello...lord of the rings trilogy already covered this)
how it feels to have people think you are 15 years old...all the time
the piano
having Jillian Michaels thirty day shred dvd haunt you ( would it have killed her to make it a 5 day shred? :)
being under five feet tall
unfolded socks
having a longing to wear empire waist dress all day and talk with an english accent (it's already been done :)
having everyone think you made a wrong decision
setting a goal and not following through

So I can see a best seller coming out of that list for sure...can't you?

 "Jennifer smoothed the front of her empire waist dress as she searched for her courage to tell her best friend Jillian that 30 days in a row of exercise was simply too much. She wondered if Jillian knew she had made the wrong decision to call it a thirty day shred? The word thirty caught her attention and she wondered if she had ever done anything for thirty days? Oh yes, she had missed someone for way more than thirty days. She had been under five feet tall for thirty days. Okay, she conceded maybe I could exercise for thirty days. Before she could set the goal in her mind to actually do it she was distracted by a sound coming from the kitchen she wandered past the unfolded socks and peeked around the corner to discover that the white and brown eggs she had just gathered from the simple minded chickens had been knocked to the floor by the evil cat Benzo. She decided the only way to fight the overwhelming urge she had to kill the cat was to change into her most beautiful empire waist dress and play the star wars theme on the piano until the urge to commit a crime was gone."

 Honestly, I see tons of books come in and out of the library every day. Every topic imaginable is there. The realization of just how many books there are out there is staggering. What sets one apart from another? And how did these people even start? Everyone wants something different from a book. I see it in book club all the time. I remember way way back when I lived in Kansas we did a book discussion on the book Emma by Jane Austen and I loved Emma. I loved how willing she was to accept correction and change. I loved how she had good intentions. And everyone else tore her apart. I did not understand it. What if the person reviewing my new book does not understand my incessant need to use ellipses? :)

Just know I am in the process of wrapping my head around this notion you all have planted in my head. So if you want to take it back now is the time......yes, right now :)


Jennifer Whitcomb said...

you can do it!
get yourself a writing notebook (think sketchbook; but not)
I'll even offer to be a proofreader.

Marty C. said...

I am so glad you are thinking about it. Have you looked at the books in your library on how to write a book and how to get a book published?

Also, there are lots of website on the subject. Good luck.

Oh, and two things:
1. You are awesome
2. You have a writing gift/talent

My Many Coloured Days said...

Oh please do it. It would be such a great bookclub book no matter what!

purvi gadia said...

hi even i am planning to write a book....if u would like to get in touch with me i have a blog too - i wanna be an author too....ya thats a funny name for a blog...
well thankyou