Mar 4, 2014

Do You Like Emotionally Heart Wrenching With Deep Messages Much?

I have two words for you Hyao Miyazaki. Do you know who he is? I wish I could remember when I first learned about Hyao Miyazaki. I have a feeling it was one of my sisters who taught me about him. Or it could have been my daughter Madeline. Or maybe I have always known about him :) His movies leave such an impression on me I feel like I should have remembered when I first became aware of him.

Nevertheless, my very best friend Hyao makes the most amazing movies. He is one of Japan's greatest animation directors. Think Disney but the Japanese version. His films mesmerize me....some more than others. The music is always perfect. The animation is always so beautiful you want to jump into the movie and feel the grass, or fly, or smell the smells, or touch the ocean. The stories are so compelling. We own quite a few of his movies. Spirited Away....Princess Mononoke...Whisper of The Heart....The Secret World of Arrietty...Kiki's Delivery Service...Howls Moving Castle....Ponyo...My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in The Sky just to name a few.

There is a certain mood that I often want to be in and when I want to be in this, "longing for the simple..soaring...mellow...appreciative of nature" mood I know it is imperative that I watch a Miyazaki film. (Oh come on you know which movies will totally put you in which moods....admit it :) I was fascinated to learn the other day that his movies make my kids feel the same way. Natalie brought me one of his movies that she wanted to watch the other day and she declared to me that she loves the way it feels when she watches his movies. She did not know how to articulate much past that but she knew they made her feel a certain way. The music is always haunting and flowing and perfect. The colors are so rich and true. There is often a hint of an innocent but very sweet romance. The main, proactive, get things done, empowered character in his films is almost always a girl. She almost ALWAYS a cause to fight for. Often an environmental one. I am not a tree hugger so that is not why I love these movies but if you are into that sort of thing many of these movies will make your tree hugging heart swell.

My favorites are Whisper of The Heart, Up on Poppy Hill and Kiki's Delivery Service....oh and The Secret of Arietty...wait, and Howl's Moving Castle. Yeah, it is easier for me to tell you which ones I do not like than which ones are my favorite.

 Ponyo is one of my least favorites. I have a huge unreasonable fear of water flooding. And Ponyo has water and flooding and it is very unsettling to me because when I have bad dreams they always involve me being in a car that is trying to drive through water. Analyze me if you must. It probably means I was meant to be much richer than I am know "wading" through money :) Also, the main character Ponyo feels a little bratty to me.

The other day I was wandering in Costco...very bad idea...the words wandering and Costco should never ever go together. Anyway I found myself in the dvd section and wouldn't you know it there were several rows of Miyazaki films that were $7.00 off making them $11.99 apiece. I looked and I touched but I did not buy. But about two weeks later I was there with my Natalie and she and I looked again and made a pile of the ones we really wanted. A sweet middle aged Japanese man was looking at them too and he started a conversation with me about the wonderfulness of the films. He told me My Neighbor Totoro was a really good one and so I picked it up and before I knew it I had three Miyazaki films in my shopping cart. Costco is so evil. I had every intention of putting them back but then I got to the front of the store I saw the sweet Japanese man and just knew he would see me put My Neighbor Totoro back and I could not do it so I bought all three.

I hope I am telling you about something that you already know about. But if you have never heard about Miyazaki films I beg you to go check one out from the library (like that plug for the library :) And give them a chance. They are not available to stream on Netflix but they are available to get on dvd through Netflix. I am trying to get my hands on his latest one that got nominated for an Academy Award....The Wind Rises.


C Tam said...

This is the first time I ever read your thoughts and decided, "Wait, that is NOT exactly how I feel." Those movies have given me that whispy uneasy feeling of too much fantasy or something I just cannot put my finger on. But I have always declared myself a lover of all genres. So I will give them a try again. Just because of you. And the fact that I can find them at my local library. :)

Purvi Gadia said...

i love anime...and your blog too