Jul 15, 2014

Perfume Hunting With A Happy Ending.

Do you own perfume? Have you worn the same perfume your whole life? I was fascinated with perfume when I was a kid. But I usually chose what kind I liked because of what it was called not necessarily because of the smell. I also was known to choose a perfume for its bottle. I remember Loves Baby Soft was all the rage. If I close my eyes and concentrate I can almost conjure up the smell of Loves Baby Soft. I also went through the Primo stage.....one of those somewhat cheap metal like spray bottles. Everyone was wearing it.

Sometime in high school I owned a bottle of perfume called Tatiana....no, that is not why I named my girl number four Tatiana. I think my Senior year I settled on an Estee Lauder perfume called Beautiful and for many many years that was my scent :) We had a girl living with us when I was in high school whose parents lived in Saudi Arabia and during the summer and Christmas break she would go to Saudi to visit them and she would always get us our favorite perfumes very inexpensively.

I am not sure when I stopped wearing perfume but I did stop and a few years ago I came across my big bottle of Beautiful and gave it to my kids. I smelled it again and not one single part of it appealed to me. Natalie loves to spray it and I can not believe I ever wore it when I walk into her room and smell it.

For some reason about 6 months ago I set on a quest to find a new perfume. So when ever I passed perfume in the store I would stop and have to smell it......ALL :) Sometimes I would go so far as to spray some of it on my arm. Finally there was a kind I was sure I loved in The Gap. Every time I would go in I would try it on. When I finally decided I had a perfume budget and I could afford it I headed back to The Gap to purchase MY perfume but I was sad to discover they had discontinued it....gone....the perfume of my dreams. So I was back to my smelling perfume routine. One time when I was in the mall I actually had time and I spent twenty minutes in Sephora smelling everything they had. I could not decide what kind of perfume girl I was. Was I flowery? Was I woodsy? Was I musky? Was I sweet? I needed this decision to be perfect.

I found one I thought I liked at American Eagle. If I was ever in American Eagle with you you could be assured I would make you smell it and give me your opinion.  Then one day I got an ad in the mail from Kohl's and when I opened it out fell one of those little ads for perfume and of course I stuck my nose into the little paper they spray and seal and send to you and I was fully expecting to not like it but I actually thought maybe this was it. So I stuck this little paper in my purse and carried it around and the next time I was in Kohls I found the display and smelled it again and still liked it. I sprayed some on and walked around for awhile trying to figure out if the perfume liked me. I made Madeline and Tatiana spray it on themselves and walk around with me so I could see if I noticed it wafting by me and if I liked it. Yeah, I should win something for my overthinking perfume buying skills huh?

The problem with purchasing perfume is the purchasing part. It costs so much money for just one teeny tiny ounce. And this is why I spent so much time thinking and researching this purchase. How sad would I be if I spent over fifty dollars on something and then could not return it when I discovered I did not like it?

One day I was in Kohl's with my kids and Madeline and her husband Carlos joined in my smelling fest and finally she handed me a bottle with a big smile on her face and said this is the one. She pointed out it was about apples and I do like apples. It was called Be Delicious by Donna Karan. Who names these perfumes? But I supposed I could handle being delicious.It was also the New York City version of the perfume and I LOVE New York City and it would be a good memory since I am soon moving away from New York City. Hmmm this may be it. I was skeptical but to make a long perfume story short she was right it was the one.

Last night I finally purchased it. I posted a picture so that you can go smell it at Kohl's and feel happy :) The reflecting skills of the top of the bottle made it nearly impossible to properly photograph the perfume. My teenager teased me that we could actually take selfies with it. It killed me to pay $48.00. Not even Kohl's cash back on my purchase could assuage the cost. But I love this perfume. I keep opening the top and smelling it and feeling happy. It is not in a bottle I would choose if I was only about the bottle. It is not in a box I would choose if I was only about the box but I am excited to wear it.

Scent is such a part of our lives. Now that I work at the library I recognize how much people's scents stay on their books and dvd's. I catch wafts of them as they check out books or ask me questions. Often their books and dvd's will come back smelling like smoke, or the food they regularly cook, there is even one woman who wears so much perfume that her books come wafting up out of the book drop.

I think about smells and how they bring up memories. I have some lotion that reminds me of someone because I wore it all the time when I was with them. The smell of fire. The smell of freshly cut grass. The beach. In a second a hint of a smell can transport you somewhere and that is why I needed this perfume to definitely be me. So judge if you must :)

Did I really just blog about perfume? What has happened to my life?

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Callie J said...

I got my first "sought out" perfume this year. I smelled a few things, but not everything. I really liked both of Taylor Swift's scents, but Andrew loved the "Taylor" scent the best so that's the one I got. It makes me and him happy when I wear it, but it's mostly for me. I think it's a great idea to change "your scent" at big life changes. You are a different person, so you need a new scent association! Well done Jen.