Aug 25, 2014

Commercial Drivers License Much?

So a few weeks before I moved to Oregon my dad called me one day and told me that he happened to be friends with the guy who was the head of the school district transportation in his home town and that there were some jobs available for substitute driving school buses. I tried to act interested. Of course all my hopes and dreams were riding in another basket...the "get a library job" basket. I had never even considered in a million years driving a school bus. The pay did catch my attention because it was $5.00 more an hour than I was making at the library but I still did not really consider it. But I have learned through this process I have been through to not discount any leads that come my way and pursue them just to be sure. So I called the phone number of the guy and chatted with him for a minute. He said when I got to Oregon to give him a call. So I filed that information away in my head and then focused on my move and all the trauma that came with that.

Once I got to Oregon I followed through and got a hold of him and the first Tuesday morning after I arrived since I did not have a car yet my mom drove me over to the transportation office to meet with him. As I sat there and listened to him and his secretary tell me ALL about being a school bus driver and heard them tell me how they needed me to really be committed since they would have to pay $3,000 dollars to get me trained I realized that my hope that I could just casually be a substitute bus driver for awhile until I found something I liked better was not very realistic. This was serious. Not just an "I will do this until something better comes along" kind of job. I knew I needed to be honest with him. So I asked some questions about what kind of person drives a school bus and I was not so sure any of the characteristics that they listed were me. And then I asked him if it was unconventional if I went home and thought about it. I did not want to waste his time and money. He said that was fine. So I went home and thought and thought and called him the next day and told him I could not make that kind of commitment. Story over? Um no.

About a week later I was riding in the car with my dad and he said something about the bus driving and I started thinking about it again and I strangely saw it in a different light this time. Good pay. Hours that made it so I would only work when my girls were gone. All of a sudden the realization hit me that I should do it. It was the right thing for me for now.

So I got a hold of the guy at transportation and asked him if I repented for not seeing the value of it the first time if he would take me on as a substitute. He laughed and said yes and told me to go pick up the Oregon Commercial Drivers Manual from the Department of Motor Vehicles and start studying and he would meet with me the next week.

So today I met with him and now I have a fabulously huge list of things I have never done before that I need to do. The list is a little daunting. I took care of the easiest things first which were filling out papers at the school district office and getting fingerprinted at the police station. Let me tell you that fingerprinting thing was not the way I expected it to be... at all. Let me rock your world a little bit and tell you...they do not even use a stamp pad.... they use a boring was that? It was a little awkward to have the policeman holding my hand in this tiny corridor and having to make small talk while he had to roll each of my ten fingers individually on this little computer screen. He was pleased that my fingers were more cooperative than most and so was I :)

The hard part is going to be taking the five tests at the Department of Motor Vehicles....air brakes and I have never met. I have not taken a test in many many years. But I am going to take one a day and study my guts out and hopefully a miracle will happen. They are multiple choice tests so I should be okay...right?


Betty's Reflections said...

I'm sure you'll do fine on the tests. Can't wait for the update to this.

Marty C. said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you driving a bus.