Sep 24, 2014

Full Brain and Chevy Chase Beach Cottages.

So my brain hurts. Has your brain ever hurt? I can not remember the last time my poor little brain has had to work so hard.So much intense focusing is involved in everything I am doing right now in my life. I had really and truly imagined at least one good month of me in Oregon, sitting in a cozy chair, reading whatever I want, figuring my life out, eating chocolate, staring at views, hair perfectly straight, manicured lawn, lazy puffy clouds, and of course an empire waist dress. Yeah, imagination much? That imagination really never does me any favors. Instead of living in that relaxing world I have been actively,cheerfully, and consciously making choices that have led me as far away from that world as a girl could get. These choices have been things like....

Saying, without hesitation, "Yes", when people at church ask me to substitute for them in their callings. As a result of this choice I taught 4 seminary lessons last week and one Sunday School lesson. So this added up to a 45 minute lesson every day for four days plus the 45 minute Sunday lesson.The preparation on these lessons is arduous because of who I am :) And then I committed to teach not one but two church lessons on October 12th....what is wrong with me? not answer that :)

I have also made the choice to be a bus driver which has required me to be studying everything under the hood of a school bus and everywhere else on the bus too. I am deeply involved in memorizing a 30 minute school bus pre trip that I have to be able to do from memory, in order, with no prompting to pass my test. My brain is not sure how to handle all these unfamiliar bus part words.And for me to learn I bet you never would have guessed that I have to write everything over and over, say it out loud, and ask lots of questions. My poor trainer :)

Another choice is choosing to have relationships with everyone around me. There really is no way around this one if you are a normal healthy person. Whether it is my kids, or my parents, or old friends, or new friends, or people at my new job, or Superman, or boys, or girls. I love relationships. They have always been the most important part of my life. They have been my priority no matter what I am doing. But I am going to tell you the relationship thing is wearing me out lately. Decisions I have not had to make in years. Emotions I have to figure out where they are coming from. I just selfishly want someone to want to work hard at having a relationship with me while I admire the view of the mountains and lake and and eat chocolate :)

I have a distant memory of people at some point in my life declaring that they had studied so hard that their brain hurt. I had never experienced this sensation but now I have. My brain just feels tired from all the focusing it is having to do. It really wants someone to take care of it. Someone to fix it food and talk to it about nice unstressful things. It probably could use some validation and reassurance but I do not want to push my luck.

I know what my brain is wanting is not really going to happen and luckily somehow I knew a few months ago that it was not going to happen and I did something very smart. I planned a small vacation for me, myself and I for this coming up weekend.

You see about eight years ago on one of my yearly trips back to Washington State I discovered one of  the most amazing places in the world in Port Townsend, Washington. Yes, I said world :) I was aimlessly googling Bed and Breakfasts in the Seattle area one day and this place called Chevy Chase Beach Cottages came up. The price during the off season was very reasonable. This I knew because I had been searching bed and breakfasts in the Pacific Northwest for way too long. The descriptions of the views, the pictures of the cabins, the promises promised. It was all really just too much and I booked it. I wish there were words to describe this place. The cabins are impeccable. There is a private beach with teeny tiny whole sand dollars all over it. The grounds are perfectly manicured. It is close to all sorts of hiking and beaches. Last time I was there I spent way too much time just watching dvd's and reading. The downtown of Port Townsend is full of perfect small town shopping when a girl needs to get her shopping on. There is a charming independent movie theater that shows just the movies I like. I already have plans to see a showing of "The One I Love" on Monday night. And have I mentioned yet that you are required to take a ferry boat ride to get there? Well you could drive up the Olympic Peninsula but why would you do that if you could take a ferry?

The blue one is my destination.
So it was definitely providential that I got the first off season rates of the year in my favorite cabin...thoughtfully named #10. I cannot wait to post pictures to make you a little jealous. I can not wait to walk and walk on the beach. I can not wait to stop focusing and thinking for a whole 55 hours of my life. This place means the world to me and I am so glad I live close enough now to enjoy it more often than once every seven years. If I ever happen to invite you to come with me that is when you know you are important to me because this place is my alone place... my "have an Anne Morrow Lindbergh Gift From The Sea" moment place :)


Callie said...

Looks so peaceful and relaxing! I'm glad you planned some time away for yourself!

Mark Atkinson said...

"Gift from the Sea" sounds interesting.