Nov 16, 2014


"Rain drops keep falling on my head." Do you remember that song? I have to tell you I have very fond memories of that song from my childhood. I remember singing it at the top of my lungs....the only way to sing :) My favorite part was where the singer sang this verse "And I did me some talking to the sun. I told him I didn't like the way he got things done sleeping on the job." If I was not singing that song it was usually something by the Carpenters like "rainy days and Mondays always get me down." But I must tell you that rainy days do not get me down. I love rain. Always have. Always will. I even love gray. It really makes the changing leaves look so pretty when they have a gray background to pop out of.

I am sitting here right now in my parents living room at about 5 o'clock pm in a cozy chair that faces one of four enormous tall windows that look outside (yes, windows look outside here in Oregon :)  I am watching rain pour, and pour, and pour from the sky. This is my most favorite spot to sit. I alternate between staring at the incredible view that makes me sigh inside, and blogging, or reading.

Part of rain is puddles and I am also a most serious puddle lover. I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old walking from school to my Tuesday afternoon church activities in my rubber boots, making sure to go through every single puddle on the way. One time I got to the church activity a little late and as I walked up the aisle of the church all you could hear in the church reverence was the squish, squish, squish of the water and soaking socks in my boots. My mom made me walk home, change socks, and come back.

I have not had rain boots in years maybe since when I was 7. I have secretly missed them. And I am so glad that with my new bus driving job I now need rain accessories. Boots, umbrella and raincoat...all necessary accessories.

I have to walk in so many puddles between the bus office and my bus and I have to be outside and around my bus several times a day. I am out in the rain all the time and my Keds are so unhappy with this new development. I have been searching for the perfect rain boots for about three weeks now. I am sure it does not surprise you that I seem to be over thinking this seemingly simple purchase :)

Months ago I acquired the perfect umbrella for my rain needs. It is one of those retro clear curved the picture over there. I confess, I could collect umbrellas if I put my mind to it. The big, long, pointy umbrellas. Not the convenient, compact ones... oh no, "the more awkward it is to find a place to put your umbrella the better the umbrella" seems to be my motto.

The next project after the umbrella has been the rain boots and after the boots comes the rain coat. This, "getting ready for the rainy season" is a most serious thing :) I have been noticing everyone's rain boots. I found the perfect rain boots online for my girls from Amazon. Tatiana chose tall red ones that cause almost everyone to stop her and ask where she got them. Natalie chose tall black and white hounds tooth pattern boots that people also seem to like. A little girl that rides my bus has adorable pink, camouflage, light up boots that would totally fit me. One of the ladies at work has boots with Oregon Ducks logo all over them. Every store I have gone into I have headed straight for the rubber boot aisle. Alas, some stores do not have a rubber boot aisle. A lot of the stores simply do not have my size. And then if they do have my size there is always the pattern to consider and the height.

My parents have joined in my boot quest and they have bought some boots and brought them home for me to look at and try on. I honestly thought this would be an easy project. But there is the height of the boots to consider. There is the color. There is how tight they fit around the top of your leg. There is size. My feel are small so I can not just walk into the adult women's shoe department and grab a pair of rain boots, I am usually found standing in the kids shoe aisle trying to find a pair of boots that do not light up and do not have a character on them. Not to brag but I could have had some of those pink camouflage boots with light up heels if I wanted them.

Yep, these are the ones :)
My parents brought home a pair of Bogs the other day. I had never heard of Bogs before. The bottom of them is hard, normal, rain boot, rubbery material but the top is soft, bendable, waterproof fabric. They are very wide and make my feet look very fat when I look down at them. I kept them for a few days with the tags still on them. Thinking and thinking about if they were mine or not. We even went back to to look at the other colors of Bogs in the store. I thought I needed the red ones but then I rethought it....because they did not have my size. All this said they are a little endearing and I eventually decided to keep them. The point is they keep my feet dry and there really should be nothing more than that....right? :) I mean who decided rain boots were about fashion? Who on earth would worry about if the boots would match what you are wearing? Or if they make your feet look fat? Definitely, not me :)

Can you not hardly wait for my blog about shopping for the raincoat? Good times...right?

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