Jan 26, 2015

A Hot Tub Is Surely A Need.

So I started this blog about a week and a half ago so do not get confused when I make references to days, times that are not anywhere near today :)

Right now I am sitting in my car on my break at transportation. On Friday's I have some pretty long breaks that I rarely use wisely. The sky is blue with grey/white clouds floating around in it. It is nice enough outside that my coat and scarf are off and the window in my car is down. I can hear the kids at the middle school talking in the courtyard. I can hear some of the buses getting ready to leave for their afternoon runs. I can see a mountain with pine trees all over it in front of me.

My mind is very full and I never seem to be able to blog when it is this full. So many thoughts racing around. I am feeling a, "sit in the hot tub and do nothing night" coming on. Hmmm maybe I should blog about the hot tub. Have I never told you about it? Of course it is my parents hot tub....not mine. I had no idea that hot tubs were a need until I moved here in August. Can I possibly explain to you how awesome this concept is? Water, open sky, stars, moon, cold air, hot water, jets, bubbles, cool lights, candles, neighbors barking dog(yeah, ruin the ambiance much?), distant chicken noises.

So let me tell you how the hot tub experience goes down.

First you have to realize you need quiet time. You think for a minute about what kind of quiet time you need and you realize you need the quiet, outside, in the dark, in hot water, with bubbles kind of quiet time. So you try to secretly get in your swimsuit without anyone knowing so you can be selfish and be alone in the hot tub. That last part rarely works, my girls always figure it out and want to come with me. Which is fine I love them so it works.

I try to get in my suit first because I want the best towel...yeah, still being selfish, but in a most passive way. My parents have this one towel that is huge and soft. It covers most of my body and it is so cold on the way to the hot tub I really like having this towel when I can. If I can't get the good towel then I put on my coat over my swimsuit, suck it up, and choose a less soft and less big towel to take with me.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you before I get my swimming suit on I go out and lift the big, heavy awkward cover off the hot tub and make sure everything is ready. This part is important. Trust me I know. I have been out there in the rain and cold trying to heft that big cover off wearing nothing but my swimsuit and it is just not right :) Definitely makes you feel like a pioneer :)

When you walk out to the hot tub you go out a door in my parents bedroom door so that you do not have too far to walk in the cold. You wear flip flops. And you never, ever run or you will slip and slide on the stone steps and get all muddy and grassy....yeah, we know this from experience.

The hot tun is on a cement pad and has a wooden structure built around it with two walls. The walls have three window like squares in them and then the whole structure has a roof. I sort of wish the roof was retractable but that would probably be a first world problem. That is not the only wish I have. I need a huge screen so I can watch movies out there. And a best friend oh and how could I forget I need candles....yeah, need much?

So when you get out there you hang up your towel and climb up the two steps to get into the hot tub. Just be prepared because when you first step in the hot water burns your toes since your toes are very cold. It will take a minute for your toes to get used to it and stop burning. Just talk about it and grimace and the time will go faster.

I confess that I have been casually complaining to my dad that this hot tub experience needs lights. I love lights anytime....anywhere. For some reason the hot tub light is not working. My dad likes to tell me about how awesome the light is when it is working. Not to make me feel sad just to inform me :)

I think my asking about lights stayed in his mind because a few weeks ago he did some research and bought these three, really fun, solar powered, floating lights that have changed our lives. They flash all sorts of colors and make colored dots all over in the water and even better...if you pick them up and hold them upside down the dots shine on the roof and make you feel like you are at the disco.

While playing with the lights and talking about life we all rotate around trying all the different jets and fighting over the favorite spots. Sometimes we just turn all the jets off and just play with the lights. Sometimes we just sit back in the jets and relax. Sometimes I try begging the girls to go in early so I can be alone and do my thinking about life thing.

When the moon is full the hot tub experience is the best. A clear night with all the stars out is not too shabby either.

I have solved a lot of life problems in the hot tub. I always come in relaxed and ready to let every struggle in my little old life just roll off of me. Who knew that hot tubs could be therapy?

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