Oct 19, 2015


So when I was little....well I am still little....I guess we should say when I was young, I loved to listen to the soundtrack from My Fair Lady, over, and over, and over again. I sort of like the fact that years later there is still a couple songs from that soundtrack that often play in my mind. One of them is a song from the beginning of the show where Eliza Doolitle, who is in the middle of a very poor, must work hard everyday for nothing, life, is singing about all she wants. And she sings"

"All I want is a room somewhere. Far away from the cold night air. With one enormous chair. Oh, wouldn't it be loverly? Lots of chocolate for me to eat. Lots of coal making lots of heat.Warm face. Warm hands. Warm feet. Oh wouldn't it be loverly?"

Yeah, that word loverly....is it not perfect?

 Of course these few sentences are only part of the song but this is the part that will be stuck in my head for ever and ever. I can not tell you how many times something will be going on in one of the days of my little old life and my mind will randomly bring up the words to this song. It does not even have to be a cold day...just one of "those"days. I am constantly refining the picture this song brings into my mind, more that I care to admit :) I feel like this moment, the room, the chair, and of course the chocolate are all out there somewhere, waiting for me. I have no doubt I will recognize them when I meet them.

The chair must have arms. It must have enough room for me to tuck one leg under the other leg  comfortably. It can't be to stiff of a chair, just a little bit sink-y. You know, like the three little bears story....a "just right" chair. Not too high or to low of a back. Armrests that you can slink down, rest your head on, and fall asleep on while you lay on your back slinging your legs over the opposite armrest.  An ottoman is a definite must for when you need to stretch out that leg that you folded underneath because it is threatening to fall asleep. I think the chair in that picture right over there is pretty darn close to what I envision.

The "far away from the cold night air" words make me supremely happy. I love cold night air. In my cold night air I imagine snow.....preferably the big storm variety of snow. My favorite blanket will be with me in my chair....my favorite blanket happens to be my oldest song Zach's blanket that he left in the states with me when he went to Europe. It is flannel. It is plaid. It is the perfect weight. I wonder when he will want this blanket back?

There simply must be a fire. Not coal as indicated in the song, that is so 1800's, just wood fire for me. It will be dark and gray outside. The house will surely be all picked up. While I sit in my chair I will be able to hear those comforting, rewarding, dinner is over and cleaned up dish washer sounds coming from the kitchen.

The song does not mention the table next to the chair but I am pretty sure there is one. What would I put the chocolate on ?:) Actually, you all know there are books on that table and a lamp. I need low, mood lighting in my, "re-creation of My Fair Lady song lyrics" moment....it's just the way I roll. Right now I am re-reading The Light Between Oceans so that will be there. I have a stack of magazines about things to do in Oregon that I got from the Visit Oregon Booth in the Portland airport way back in August that I have not had the chance to carefully read I would be so happy if those were on the table also. On a whim I purchased a Calvin and Hobbes book from a second hand bookstore and I have not had a chance to read that either. So add it to the pile. And last but not least, because a girl can never have too much reading material, my copy of The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Yes, it's a book. Yes, the book is better than the movie.

The chocolate? Yeah, holiday shaped Reeses.,,,you know, like pumpkins, Christmas trees, hearts. They are made differently than the normal Reeses and have a most perfect proportion of chocolate and peanut butter in them. Also the chocolate is smoother than normal Reeses peanut butter cups chocolate. But we all know any chocolate would do.

Wouldn't it all be loverly? Is it too much to add a view to my song? Oh and a best friend that "gets" me and wants to talk about what I am reading? Oh and steak for dinner later? :) And a hike planned for the next day? Yeah, I just ruined the song :)

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