May 6, 2016

Too Many Words? What?

So my first writing assignment of my English class was to write a love letter to something I love....not someone....something. It was hard to think about what I love enough to write about. I spent a couple days driving along on my bus making mental lists of what I loved enough to write about and the main problem was that I appear to love everything. But I finally settled on writing my love letter to views. I really do live for views. They make me happier than Reeses but do not tell Reeses that...please. We had to have our classmates review our papers and edit them and this was hard for me. No one loves all my words and I do not know why. They all think I should simplify...I wish they knew I already have simplified far more than I wanted to. I just want to be me :) But I concede I need to learn the value of not being so enthusiastic. It is so hard for me to not want to overshare. Are you surprised by this confession? Yeah, I didn't think so. 
Anyhow hear for your enjoyment or not is my paper.....I would love to know what you think. And P.S. thankfully my teacher "gets" me :)

To My Most Darling View,
If I close my eyes for a minute and focus, I am confident that the first time I felt my heart swell because of you was when I was 6 or 7 years old. I was standing on the top deck of a Washington State Ferry, looking out at the emerald blue water of the Puget Sound. In the distance I could see our destination; a majestic pine tree covered island. Behind me on the mainland I could see the epic snow covered Cascade Mountains. Without realizing it I took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to store up the glorious-ness of what I saw. How that content, peaceful feeling thrills me.
Ever since that day I have worked hard to keep you in my life because I adore that feeling I get from seeing you. Whether it means signing up for a 10K Dandelion Run in Derby, Vermont, so that I could have rolling hills filled to bursting with enormous dandelions as my view as I ran, or taking my kids to Acadia National Park in Maine to climb on the enormous pinkish colored rock cliffs on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, or the time that it was sunflowers that stretched on for miles in eastern Kansas, the feeling is always there.
An important part of any relationship is that you encourage each other to be better. You constantly do this for me. What you provide for me always strengthens my bonds with my friends and family. I can’t wait to share with them what you have shown me, hoping that they can also feel the same immense joy that you bring to me. I love to hear their exclamations of wonder when they see you. The bonding moments that you have helped create as my girls and I catch the sun sinking behind the edge of the ocean at our favorite lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, or when we find ourselves at Devil’s Churn at high tide watching the waves crash up the long passageway of rocks, shooting wave foam into the air, making us all laugh with delight.
I love how you encourage me to keep a perspective. I start a hike in an uninteresting parking lot filled with so much hope. I walk on the trail through mossy, fern filled woods, up hills that sometimes could make a girl complain. I hear the hopeful noise of distant water, all the time wondering is the end going to be worth it?  Then suddenly the trees open up and there, hidden on the border of the state of Massachusetts and the state of New York, is Bash Bish Falls. It is rushing over boulders, plummeting into a pool that is surrounded by huge gray rocks of all sizes that are perfect for climbing on.
I am indebted to you for what you have taught me about being grateful. So grateful that I have eyes that can see you. Grateful that I have legs that can walk me to you. Grateful that you recognize how happy you can make me, and that you keep providing opportunities for me to notice you and feel that coveted content, peaceful feeling. Grateful that you have not always given me perfect things to look at so that I can learn to deeply appreciate, and understand when the great views do come. A relationship like ours that makes me overflow with gratitude is one I would fight for.
I appreciate how you help me to notice all the varying shades of colors in the world. Remember that time on the airplane flying from the east coast to the west coast following the setting sun? The fluffy clouds piled like sky scrapers all around making the plane feel so small and insignificant? The oranges, pinks, reds and yellows that were constantly changing as the sun set? And how could we forget the brilliant colors of the trees in New England in the fall? Every possible shade of yellow, red, brown, pink, and orange blanketing mountain after mountain?
            I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Words can barely express the content, complete feeling I can experience when you are with me. I love that I know you will always be there. I love that no matter who I am or what I have done you are always there for me. I strive daily to live worthy of what you show me.
Yours truly,


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Jan Gryszkiewicz said...

Your words paint a beautiful picture! I for one don't ever think you are too enthusiastic! I relish your enthusiasm! And your sense of humor and your perspective! Your words are uplifting! You instill such a "joie de vivre"