Jul 9, 2016

Take A Chance.

What do you know about chances?

If you have kids, or have even been around kids you have definitely heard, "Can I have just one more chance?"

 I am also fairly confident at one point in your life you have declared to someone, "This is your last chance!"

 I have heard people declare, " I am not going to take that chance."

When you have a job interview you have hope that someone will take a chance on you.

So many times I have wished I knew what my chances were when I started something.

Falling in love is all about taking a chance.

Do you know someone who thinks nothing of taking chances? Are you jealous of them? What happens to them? Is it a good life to be a chance taker?

Is it possible to give someone too many chances?

Sometimes you take a chance and good things happen and sometimes you take a chance and bad things happen but the catch is that you will never know if you do not take that chance.

I have been thinking about chances a lot the last few days. I seem to have a talent for giving lots and lots of chances. I basically hand chances out like they are candy.  I have decided that this is a most serious flaw. I think it is a direct result of having way too much hope... way too much of it. I must think that giving chances automatically means people will change. But life is slowly and painfully teaching me that that is not always the case.

Can you just decide not to give chances anymore and stop?

If you stop giving other people chances does that mean they will stop giving you chances? I wonder if that is the reason I keep giving them. Would it not be horrible to not get anymore chances when you know you are doing your best to be better but you fell short yet again? How long do you wait?

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