Feb 17, 2017


Unlimited. What does it mean? How often does unlimited even happen to us as human beings? I have been searching my brain today for moments when there has been a sentence with the word unlimited in it in my life.

I have heard people talk about unlimited food at buffets.
Unlimited refills of your drink?
Numbers are unlimited, right?
What about unlimited pets? My kids would love that one.
Unlimited cars? Too complicated and most likely comes with needing insurance for all of them.
Unlimited love? Yeah, we all dream of this one. I think it is also referred to as unconditional love. Unlimited time? I am afraid I would just waste it.
Unlimited chocolate? Bad idea.

How many times can you use the word unlimited in your life? This word that means "no limits, no bounds." What do you want to be unlimited in your life? Can you ever have too much of something? You know what they say. Too much of a good thing....blah blah blah. Remember the story about King Midas? Golden touch? Unlimited? Did not work out. I remember when I was a kid I had a friend whose mom limited how many squares of toilet paper you could use. I prefer unlimited toilet paper.

Last night I signed up for the brand spanking new Verizon unlimited data plan. Not only did I sign up for it but it turns out my monthly bill is going to be $10.00 lower as well. You have no idea how careful my girls and I have had to be with our data usage for the past 2 and a half years. When we have ended up going over on our data it has been painful. More times than I care to talk about we have ended up in town sitting in the car outside one of the schools or our church using public wifi to do our homework. Sacrifice never hurt anyone and I am sure that my girls and I are stronger and somehow better because of the shortage of data in our lives. But can I tell you what a relief it was to walk out of that Verizon store knowing that I do not have to worry about our data usage anymore?

I can watch The Crown. I can watch Studio C. I can catch up on Master Chef Junior. Episodes of Suits are definitely in my future. I can watch the videos for my homework over and over again when I do not understand something. I can use google maps on my phone without guilt. I can be the one to offer to Google something when I am out in public with only my phone. Oh man, I can watch James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. The giddy reality is sinking in. I can Skype with my grand babies anytime I want. Now if my kids send me a Youtube video with a song they know I will love I can actually watch it. The possibilities are endless....or unlimited :)

Is it weird that the more I think about the endless possibilities of unlimited data the more I realize I like limits? You know, boundaries, rules. I am not a fan of "anything goes." Is that what unlimited could mean? Yesterday on the school bus I asked a middle school girl for the hundredth time to please hold on to her back pack and stop leaving it in other seats. She said to me why do we have to? And I said because it is a rule. She said you don't have to follow it. I smiled and said "oh sister I am a serious rule follower." She predictably said, "That is dumb." I tried to explain to her that rules and boundaries actually make us happy but she was not going there with me. So I think that unlimited data will make me happy but having that set amount kept us from excess. Does that make sense? I laid awake last night thinking about the rules and guidelines we will need to have in place so that unlimited does not consume our lives. I bet my kids can hardly wait to hear this evil plan of mine.

So,do not get me wrong, I am thrilled about my recently acquired unlimited data. I sit here and try to comprehend unlimited. Never ending. There are so many things in our lives that we need to stop. So many things we need to limit. We have to be vigilant. Then all of a sudden there is something unlimited. Overthinking? Who me?